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Colorful energy fields made by Eelko van Iersel

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Colorful energy fields | Oil paintings

Oil Paintings 'Condor & Águila' | made by Eelko van Iersel

Oil paintings made by Eelko van Iersel

Oil Painting 'Eco del fuego' | made by Eelko van Iersel


artist eelko van iersel
The Dutch painter Eelko van Iersel paints nonfigurative oil paintings on canvas. Warmth, light and power radiate from his works of art that are literally handmade: the artist paints with his hands without using brushes or palette knifes. His colorful expressions touch the soul of the spectator. The energy brings joy and stillness. His paintings are displayed at various galleries and art houses in his homeland and abroad. Galerie Zeven Zomers (Seven Summers) in the Netherlands presents his colorful canvases permanently.


art painting
The oil paintings by Eelko van Iersel are very colorful and powerful. The imagination of the spectator is stimulated at the sight of the organic color surfaces and compositions. Partly because of this a spectator recognizes images and memories come to life. This results in concrete representations in paintings that are originally nonfigurative. It is the artists intention that his paintings have a positive effect on the environment.


commission paintings
Artist Eelko van Iersel also creates commissioned paintings. Imagine a nonfigurative colorful painting being made just for you! Color choice, dimensions and price are discussed and determined in advance. Eelko tries to connect to the desire of the clients and to the specific energy of the space in which the painting will be displayed afterwards. Feel free to get in touch with him to talk about your wishes, or come by at Galerie Zeven Zomers, where the artists paintings are presented permanently.


Eelko van Iersel exhibits his nonfigurative oil paintings in various galleries in his homeland and abroad. His paintings are presented in Art gallery Timeless and at international art fairs, such as ART Ghent (Belgium), Lille Art Fair (France), Art & Antique Fair ‘s Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands). 
Galerie Zeven Zomers presents his work permanently. There you will find his newest creations. He regularly exhibits in galleries throughout the Netherlands, such as Galerie de Salon (Amsterdam) and Galerie T (Middelburg).

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The colorful energy fields gives us warmth, lightness and inner-space!