Painting Andulacia

Eelko van Iersel
Size: 70 x 70 cm
Material: oil paint and sand on canvas
Price: available on request | Art gallery Zeven Zomers

Eelko van Iersel: “I made this painting just after returning from a week’s holiday in Andalucía. This beautiful part of land in the south of Spain has captured my heart and keeps on calling my soul to return. My stay was concentrated around the natural park of Cabo de Gata, close to Almería, the far south east tip of the Iberian peninsula. This area is specifically known for its volcanic stone formations, combined with beautiful natural beaches, rocks and mountains. I visit the area regularly, in my opinion spring and autumn are the best times to travel there, since in summertime there are a lot of tourists visiting. People that see my paintings are often interested in what inspires me. My inspiration is endless, inspiration is everywhere and always there. I only need to be open to it, that happens when I experience the silence within myself and when I create from spirit”.

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