Commissioned Work

Commissioned Paintings

There is also a possibility that Eelko van Iersel makes a painting especially for you. A non-figurative commissioned oil painting, with the size, color choice and price are discussed in advance and determined. Van Iersel will try to connect with the wishes and needs of the client and the specific atmosphere and energy of the space in which the artwork will be displayed. Two examples of paintings that have arisen from a commision: Diptych ’Los recursos’ and painting ’La isla de los suenos’, give you an impression of the possibilities.

Art lovers who are interested in a painting by Eelko van Iersel van contact and make an appointment. Gallery owners who are interested to represent the paintings by Eelko van Iersel at artfairs and exhibitions can contact the artist to see the work in reality and make concrete agreements.

Take a look on the page paintings with all the paintings made by Eelko van Iersel.