Eelko van Iersel (1976) is a Dutch artist, graphic designer and owner of the well-known art Gallery Zeven Zomers.
Warmth and light radiate from his powerful non-figurative oil paintings. It is the artist’s intention that the paintings have a positive effect on the surroundings. The beautiful paintings give your home, business or presentation space a great feel of dynamics and stillness.

The viewer’s imagination is regularly stimulated by the organic structure of color and compositions. This causes the viewer to recognize images and to stir up memories which lead to concrete depictions in the paintings, which, originally were intended to be non-figurative.

Eelko creates all his paintings by hand, without the use of paintbrushes. He uses different types of paint, as well as sand and oil paints, making the surface of the paintings layered and strong. The use of materials and the intense color combinations result in energetic and expressive works of art.

All paintings have been given a Spanish title. This comes forth from his love for Andalusia, Latin America and the Spanish language.

From his vision and belief there is “always and everywhere” inspiration. “All I have to do is open up to the inspiration that is present. This happens when I experience the silence within me and create from spirit”. In his paintings, the shapelessness manifests itself through the shape.

The artist wants to invite the viewer to take the time to view the works of art. Taking a quick look from one painting to the other painting is missing the opportunity to let the work emerge on you. When you look longer, space emerges towards silence, detachment and intimacy. Art is not just to be viewed at, art looks at us and acts as a reflection towards us. It creates a dialogue between the viewer and the painting.

The photo’s on the website give an impression of the paintings. In real life the paintings are more powerful. This is partly due to the robust materials and the imposing size.

On the website you will see a complete overview of all the paintings of the Dutch artist Eelko van Iersel. His paintings that have been sold and available paintings from the period 1999 to the present, creating a broad picture of his art craft.
The digital portfolio shows a selection of paintings and exhibits.

Eelko van Iersel exhibits in various galleries at home and around the world, including Galerie T (Middelburg), Galerie Kesk (Workum), Galerie De Loeg (Muntendam), Gallery De Salon (Amsterdam) and international art fairs, including ART Ghent (Belgium), Lille Art fair (Lille, France), Art & Antique Fair (‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands). Also his paintings are constantly exhibited at Gallery Zeven Zomers. His paintings are sold worldwide to art lovers and collectors.

Artist Eelko van Iersel lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.