Coming home

The oil paintings of Eelko van Iersel are colorful, abstract and expressive. The painting is created layer-over-layer with oil and sand. With various colors and materials The Dutch painter creates an energetic field on the canvas. Colors are vibration, vibration is energy. Eelko’s paintings have that energetic effect. They bring joy, power, and space. The paintings give your home or business dynamic and stillness. Eelko is becoming more aware of the healing power of art. His paintings contribute to ‘coming home’ in your home or office, but also to “come home to yourself.” Art at home or in the office can be like a blanket around you: pleasant, engaging, stimulating, soothing, joyous and comforting.

Oil paintings

All colors in his paintings are built up with oil paint. Oil is pasty and can be thickly applied on the canvas, creating a thrilling relief. Eelko works with good quality oil paint and various materials are mixed into the paint. The long drying time of the oil ensures that he takes the time to look closely at the painting. “When I look longer, there is room for silence, detachment and intimacy. Art is not just to be looked at, art looks at me and acts as a reflection of myself. This creates a dialogue between me and the painting”, says van Iersel. The painting is built up layer-on-layer. During the painting process Eelko also works with thinned oil paint, creating the most beautiful flowing movements. He calls these sprawling figures ‘deltas’. Working wet on wet, different color combinations mix in an exciting way together. The fantasy of the viewer is stimulated regularly by the sight of the organic color patches and compositions. The viewer will recognize images and shape memories and feelings. This creates specific visions in paintings that originally were intended to be non-figurative.

Hand painted

All the paintings by Eelko van Iersel are made by hand. During the painting process he does not use pencils and brushes. Different types of paint, sand and oil form his palette, making the skin of the painting laminated and robust. Eelko builds the layers of the painting with sand and paint. He uses a mixture of sand and paint and allows it to dry. These beautiful sand layers show fault lines and crackle, as earth tears in a dry riverbed. The rugged sand layers show a terrestrial surface. The materials used and the intense color combinations provide energetic expressions. This makes the artworks that Eelko paints unique. They arise with a layer-over-layer technique. The picture is built up with several layers of color until the time it is finished.
Animated abstractions

Love, harmony and a beautiful combination of colors shine from the canvas of linen. The paintings activate a field of healing. Seeing the painting has an effect on the opening of “consciousness.” They make sure that people feel connected in their consciousness, a shared experience. Some paintings also have the function to activate specific healing powers. The term “animated abstraction” is poetic. When we talk about the “animated abstraction,” it is as if we are looking at a work of art, which gives us a feeling or understanding. But our cerebral brain can never understand “the soul” for 100%. In doing so, talking about the soul is a symbolic quality. We are not as separated as we think we are. Energy comes alive during the creation process of Eelko’s artwork.

Paintings in your home or business

Are you looking for a colorful painting for your empty wall? Are you looking for more power, energy, beauty, healing and warmth in your home or business? Are you looking to be amazed and get the feeling ‘coming home’ in your home or office? The paintings by Eelko van Iersel are all unique and for sale in galleries and art fairs worldwide. The paintings are permanently displayed in gallery Zeven Zomers in Nijmegen. Make an appointment or visit us during business hours, and get in contact with the artist so that he can listen to your wishes and tell you about all possibilities. Eelko will also tell you about his methods, vision and technique. Each painting has its own story or inspiration. He will explain how the painting of your choice has come to life.

Commissioned Paintings

There is also a possibility that Eelko van Iersel makes a painting especially for you. A non-figurative commissioned oil painting, with the size, color choice and price are discussed in advance and determined. Van Iersel will try to connect with the wishes and needs of the client and the specific atmosphere and energy of the space in which the artwork will be displayed. Two examples of paintings that have arisen from a commision: Diptych ‘los Recursos’ & Painting’ La isla de los sueños “, give you an impression of the possibilities.

Art lovers who are interested in a painting by Eelko van Iersel van contact and make an appointment. Gallery owners who are interested to represent the paintings by Eelko van Iersel at artfairs and exhibitions can contact the artist to see the work in reality and make concrete agreements.
Or take a look on the page paintings with all the paintings made by Eelko van Iersel.