Painting La isla de los suenos

‘La isla de los sueños’
Eelko van Iersel
Size: 200 x 60 cm
Material: oil paint and sand on canvas
Price: sold by Art gallery Zeven Zomers (commissioned painting)

On commission Eelko van Iersel created the painting ‘La isla de los sueños’ in response to the demand to create a painting for a lady’s bedroom. During the discussions it became clear that a peaceful atmosphere was needed for the bedroom. And that the painting should fit with the new curtains, which showed a gray / red / yellow leaf motif.

The themes: “love, comfort, “missing you“, connection and spirit provide the necessary power to do the painting. “It is beautiful to feel what kind of energy is required in a room and into someone’s life. In addition, to connect to myself to the specific inspiration, that is required to create. I consider myself a happy man if i succeed by turning the desire into a tangible painting.” says the painter.

This oil painting is constructed with soft colors: gray, creamy white, pink, lilac and displays accents in red and yellow / light green. A spherical energy field to dream away. A landscape without a beginning or end. An island where spirits of the “loved ones” can meet. From the lower layers, the painter has built the painting up with sand and various types of paint, making the skin robust and cracks shown in some places. Like the earth breaking into a dry riverbed …

The viewer’s imagination is stimulated by the organic structure of color and compositions. This causes the viewer to recognize images and to stir up memories which lead to concrete depictions in the paintings, which, originally were intended to be non-figurative.

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