Famous Dutch Art Painters


Since the launch of the website ‘Dutch Art paintings’ the oevre of the oil paintings made by Eelko van Iersel is added to the full supply of Dutch Art paintings. Eelko van Iersel is a Dutch artist. He’s creating powerful, expressive paintings on canvas. The colorful energy fields gives us warmth, lightness and inner-space.

His paintings are temporary and modern, but also of each time and timeless. The paintings are beyond spoken languages, religions and cultures. They makes connection with the cosmos, the Spirits, nature and Mother Earth.

The famous Dutch Painters as Van Gogh , Vermeer and Rembrandt proven their qualities in the past centuries. They are great and famous all over the world. Eelko van Iersel was googling on internet and found these pictures when he entered the words ‘Dutch Art Paintings’. Although he currently paints for 20 years he’s not nearly as famous as the happy few above. Even not all of them were famous during their lives?! He is pleasantly surprised that his paintings are showed between these great masters.

Warmth and light radiate from his powerful non-figurative oil paintings. It is the artist’s intention that the paintings have a positive effect on the surroundings. The beautiful paintings give your home, business or presentation space a great feel of dynamics and stillness.

The viewer’s imagination is regularly stimulated by the organic structure of color and compositions. This causes the viewer to recognize images and to stir up memories which lead to concrete depictions in the paintings, which, originally were intended to be non-figurative.

Eelko creates all his paintings by hand, without the use of paintbrushes. He uses different types of paint, as well as sand and oil paints, making the surface of the paintings layered and strong. The use of materials and the intense color combinations result in energetic and expressive works of art.

All paintings have been given a Spanish title. This comes forth from his love for Andalusia, Latin America and the Spanish language.

From his vision and belief there is “always and everywhere” inspiration. “All I have to do is open up to the inspiration that is present. This happens when I experience the silence within me and create from spirit”. In his paintings, the shapelessness manifests itself through the shape.

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