Diptych Las tierras bajas 1 & 2


‘Las tierras bajas’
Eelko van Iersel
Size: (2x) 180 x 180 cm, diptych
Material: oil paint and sand on canvas
Price: sold by Art gallery Zeven Zomers

The Dutch painter Eelko van Iersel made two paintings with the imposing size (2x) 180 x 180 cm. ‘Las tierras bajas’ means in Spanish ‘The Lowlands’, literally translated ‘The low earth’. Therefore, these canvases are connected with ‘The Netherlands’ and ‘Dutch Art’. ‘The Lowlands’ contains the Northwest of Europe that forms the basin of the Lower Rhine, the Meuse and the current Schelde. ‘The Netherlands’ has only existed since 1830, after the separation of Belgium. Therefore, there have been different names used to denote the area or parts of the current region, such as, The Lowlands (in French Les Pays-Bas).

The main colors that Eelko used in these paintings have affinity with the colors of the Dutch flag: red, white, blue … and orange accents. “You could imagine that you are like an eagle flying high in the air, an overview of the deltas and deep grounds,” said Eelko van Iersel. The inspiration for these paintings comes from the forces of the Medicine Wheel, which the Shaman works. In particular, the forces of the four directions have been an inspiring source to create these majestic paintings. He wanted to combine a modern atmosphere with a classic tone. Working on it for 3,5 months was very pleasant and went in a good flow. When they were finished (which is something I then realize all of a sudden), I was thrilled. Partly because they are very powerful and beautiful, but also because I deeply realized I can make these creations because they are so close to myself, intertwined with who I am… I am made to bring this kind of beautiful paintings in the world”. The artist build up this painting with several layers of sand and different types of paint. This makes a relief that in some places looks like cracks in the soil of a dry riverbed.

For this diptych Eelko used oil paint in shades of blue, red and white with accents of red, orange and olive green. The artist paints without a brush and applies the paint straight onto the canvas with his hands. This diptych has a monumental appearance. The imagination of the spectator is stimulated at the sight of the organic colored surfaces and compositions. Partly because of this, the spectator recognizes images and memories come to shape. So concrete representations arise in paintings that are originally non-figurative.

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