Painting Como pájaros en el aire

‘Como pájaros en el aire’
Eelko van Iersel
Size: 140 x 130 cm
Material: oil paint and sand on canvas
Price: sold by Art gallery Zeven Zomers (commissioned painting)

Eelko van Iersel created ‘Como pájaros en el aire’ for an apartment owned by two gentlemen in Nijmegen. By presenting a variety of his paintings, Eelko worked out a direction for the color scheme and came to an agreement on the size for the painting with his clients. In the following months Eelko worked to build up the under layers of the painting with sand and various sorts of paint, resulting in a robust landscape-like texture that shows cracks similar to the dry surface of a riverbed. 
Inspired by the clients and their apartment, the artist then started to add color to the painting by building up layers of oil paint in shades of purple, yellow and green. This warm color combination is inspired by the colors of autumn and falling leaves. “It is beautiful to feel which energy is needed in a home and in the life of clients and for me to connect to the specific inspiration that is essential to create. I consider myself a happy person when I manage to turn the desire of my clients into a tangible painting,” thus the artist. Eelko van Iersels oil paintings excite the imagination of the spectator, he or she recognizes images in the paintings and memories come to life. This results in concrete representations in paintings that are originally non-figurative.

‘Como pájaros en el aire’ is Spanish for ‘Like birds in the air’, named after a beautiful song from the Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa. Artist Eelko van Iersel loves this singer and has a deep respect for her.

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