Painting Noroeste

Eelko van Iersel
Size: 190 x 75 cm
Material: oil paint and sand on canvas
Price: available on request | Art gallery Zeven Zomers

Noroeste’ has its origin in working with the medicine wheel. It is Spanish for ‘Northwest’. The painting withholds the specific energy linked to the transition from the West to the North.

The elements of the West are water, oceans, rain and rivers. The colors are violet, blue-violet, black and green. Traditionally, the West on the medicine wheel is marked by the color black. The season of the West is autumn and the day part of the West is the evening. This is the direction where the sun sets, it is therefore related to ripening and harvesting. The West is also related to healing, flexibility, selflessness, unconditional love and feeling. It is linked with the emotional aspect, instinct, dreams, visions and clairvoyance.

The elements of the North are earth, mountains and fields. The colors are brown, grey, blue and blue-green. Traditionally, the North on the medicine wheel is marked by the color white or red. The season of the North is winter, the day part of the North is midnight. It is the direction in which the sun stands at its lowest point and is therefore related to achievement, nutrition, renewal and awareness. The North is also related to purity, innocence, inner growth, death and rebirth and is paradoxical. It is linked with physical aspects, the body, structure, density and stability.

Different layers of this painting were built up by Eelko van Iersel with sand and various sorts of paint, resulting in a robust landscape-like texture that shows cracks similar to the dry surface of a riverbed. 
The colors he used are the those of water, oceans, rivers and fields: violet, blue, turquois and grey. The oil paint with which this painting was created, was literally applied by the hands of the artist: he ‘paints’ with his hands, without making use of brushes.

Eelko: “My inspiration is inexhaustible, for inspiration is everywhere anytime. The only thing I have to do, is open myself to the inspiration. This happens when I experience the silence within myself and when I create in connection with Spirit.

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